Model, Danielle, sits in brightly coloured jacket amongst tropical leaves and lilies
Luna Jacket in Rainbow
Corte fabric transformed into multicolour jacket with jaspe details
Brightly coloured jacket made from traditional Guatemalan fabric
Luna Jacket in Rainbow

Luna Jacket in Rainbow

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Joesph's on the phone, he wants his Technicolour Dreamcoat back. Seriously though, this is the coat of dreams, totally loud and proud. And it happens to be soft and comfy.

Gorgeous Guatemalan woven fabrics, known as Cortes are traditionally worn as skirts from one piece of fabric. They were sourced in the town of Antigua and transformed into something completely new.

Modelled by Danielle, photographed by Olivia. 

  • Crafted by an independent women's cooperative
  • Designed using traditional Corte fabric, woven on foot-loom
  • Each Luna jacket is completely unique.
  • Fair Trade
  • Uni-size
  • Made by Mayra


Shoulder to Shoulder measures 51cm

Back length from neck measures 86cm

Front length is 62cm

Sleeves are 25cm wide and 36cm long